Our first archive-a-thon tomorrow!

Image Description: A logo for the Guerrilla Archiving archive-a-thon with green font

We are almost at 40 members! In just a couple weeks we have grown tremendously and received a wellspring of support. Our team now spans many institutions: Northeastern University, University of Pennsylvania, SUNY Stoney Brook, UCSC, NYU, University of Indiana, Drexel, Columbia,  Johns Hopkins, U of Michigan,  Bennington,  UC Davis, University of Colorado, Whitman, Rice, U of Toronto, Yale.

Members in Toronto and Philadelphia began work today at 4:30 am in preparation for our first event tomorrow. Don’t forget to RSVP!! We have over 115 participants that have pledged to show up and over 450 others that say they might attend. The event has received more media attention than any event in U of T history (or at least as far as institutional memory goes back).

Don’t forget to follow us on twitter for live updates @EnviroDGI 

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