More press than we can keep track of!

Yesterday Michelle Murphy, who is leading our Toronto event, fielded interviews from CNN, BBC, CBC, time, NPR, vice. It is too many to keep track of. We haven’t had a website until yesterday night (and it hasn’t yet been publicized even now as I type) so we haven’t been able to stress the importance of the network that coordinates this initiative.  Here we are! The task at hand is huge and moving very quickly. Here’s a thanks too all that have helped us get going!

Here’s a sampling of the press featuring our work and that of other colleagues doing similar work:

“Toronto ‘guerrilla’ archivists to help preserve US climate data” December 15th, 2016, BBC News.

“Copying countdown: Trump-wary scientists’ plan to preserve climate data” by Weston Williams, December 14th, 2016, Christian Science Monitor.

Researchers Are Preparing for Trump to Delete Government Science From the Web,” by Jason Koebler, December 13, 2016, Vice

“Scientists frantically copying U.S. climate data, fearing it might vanish under Trump,” by Brady Dennis, December 13, 2016, Washington Post and Chicago Tribune.

Toronto group wants to save science and climate change data from Trump with internet archiving” By May Warren, December 13, 2016 Metro News.

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