Launch of EDGI HONEST Act White Paper

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EDGI’s recently published analysis and research shows that the passage of H.R. 1430, or HONEST Act, would block the EPA from using the data it needs to fulfill its mission of protecting public health and the environment. Read the full publication and EDGI’s letter to Congress regarding H.R. 1430 as well.

Protecting Climate Data in Times of Political Turmoil – A Report from Los Angeles

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by The Southern California Climate Data Protection Project Countless historic settings have demanded archiving as a politically urgent tactic. In Nazi Germany individuals risked their lives smuggling suitcases of scholarly documents out of the country and into archives elsewhere, which is why we can now access the collected works of Edmund Husserl and Walter Benjamin. […]

Environmental Data, Guerrilla Archiving, and the Trump Transition

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by Jerome Whitington, EDGI Member, Op-Ed Re-blogged from Cultural Anthropology Dispatches January 17, 2017. Many of Donald Trump’s disinformation tactics go in two related directions: grandiose promises to rally his base, and trolling or decoy statements meant to incite but confuse his enemies. The promise to build a wall with Mexico and make Mexico pay for it […]

Field Report: Safeguarding environmental data through “Guerrilla Archiving”

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by Jessica Caporusso (York University)   Environmentalists fear EPA data may change or disappear once Trump takes office. These hackers want to make sure it’s preserved. — AJ+ (@ajplus) December 21, 2016 As numerous reports have increasingly made clear, environmental data is at risk. Under the threat of a science-adverse Trump administration, researchers and members […]

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Our first archive-a-thon tomorrow!

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We are almost at 40 members! In just a couple weeks we have grown tremendously and received a wellspring of support. Our team now spans many institutions: Northeastern University, University of Pennsylvania, SUNY Stoney Brook, UCSC, NYU, University of Indiana, Drexel, Columbia,  Johns Hopkins, U of Michigan,  Bennington,  UC Davis, University of Colorado, Whitman, Rice, U […]

More press than we can keep track of!

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Yesterday Michelle Murphy, who is leading our Toronto event, fielded interviews from CNN, BBC, CBC, time, NPR, vice. It is too many to keep track of. We haven’t had a website until yesterday night (and it hasn’t yet been publicized even now as I type) so we haven’t been able to stress the importance of […]