Recap on Mozilla Global Sprint

The EDGI tech team had a great time at the Mozilla Global Sprint from June 1-2, 2017!

We identified some low-hanging fruit on our Web Montoring project that would be accessible to new contributors, and were rewarded with a big first-time contribution:

  • Mock-ups of a new user interface for the web monitoring project
    We’ve been modelling our user interface on the spreadsheets that our analysts have used since January, but the limitations of that system are extremely clear. Tian-Yuan Zhao joined us in Mozilla’s Toronto offices to put together some new design concepts, which we hope to implement & iterate on in the next week or so. Many thanks to Kevin for laying the groundwork and doing much of the followup fork on this.

Meanwhile, some of our regulars used the Sprint time to focus on their own projects. Patcon prototyped a new self-guided orientation tool for EDGI, Shaq made a bunch of progress on the 100 Days Report, Brendan continued work on Archivers 2.0, Matt chipped away at documentation, Dan continued to lay the groundwork for our machine learning effort, and we had some great new input from Krysztof.

Finally, we got to meet a bunch of people working on interesting open source projects, many of them Open Science projects with at least a little bit of overlap with EDGI’s work. All in all it was a great time, and we’re already looking forward to next year!