EDGI’s new “Accomplishments” report is published!

EDGI just published a new report covering our activities since mid-November until the beginning of May! Some highlights:

  • We’ve dramatically improved the Internet Archive’s “End-of-Term” project of archiving of federal environmental websites. Thanks to our effort, webpage nominations increased by 10-fold from those in 2012, and the EPA is now the Internet Archive’s most comprehensively archived federal agency. As of May 1, 2017, DataRescue events using EDGI’s Chrome Nomination Tool nominated 63,076 web pages to the Internet Archive.
  • We  established a project of monitoring federal environmental websites on a daily basis. We started with approximately 25,000 web pages at agencies including EPA, DOE, DOI, NASA, NOAA, and OSHA, as well as whitehouse.gov and data.gov. This project will soon expand to monitor tens of millions of pages. Our team of 10 analysts has produced 15 reports that have informed over 20 new articles at outlets including The Washington Post, ProPublica, Scientific American, The New York Times, and Business Insider.
  • We launched a project of confidentially interviewing long-time employees at EPA and OSHA (primarily retired employees), to illuminate the human side and historical context of the current political transition and its effects on federal agencies. Trained interview teams in Washington DC, Boston, the San Francisco Bay Area and elsewhere are currently conducting confidential interviews.
  • We’ve provided rapid academic analysis on proposed regulatory changes such as the HONEST Act and events such as Administrator Scott Pruitt’s first address to the EPA. We are developing an overarching report on changes to environmental data and governance made in the first 100 days of the Trump administration.

For full details you can download the full report and read the rest of our publications for more on EDGI.