Upcoming Webinar: From Besieged to Bolstered? The Biden Environmental Transition

We are fast approaching the first 100 days of a new administration that has set about turning campaign promises on the environment into action. Running against an opponent who spent four years laying siege to environmental agencies and laws, Biden won in part by pledging to reverse course and bolster the federal environmental policies and regulatory agencies. From the outset, he and his appointees have called for stepping up federal action on most environmental fronts, with a special emphasis on climate change and environmental justice.  

So how have they been doing? How do their plans and accomplishments so far stack up against those of their predecessors? What does the road ahead for the Biden administration look like? And what do leaders and specialists in environmental enforcement, environmental justice, and scientific integrity hope for in the future? 

On Wednesday, April 14, from 2:30 – 4PM Eastern, come join us for the webinar, From Besieged to Bolstered? The Biden Environmental Transition, where speakers answer these questions, each from their distinctive perspective.  

  • Leif Frederickson and Jessica Varner are historians from the Environmental Data and Governance Initiative (EDGI) and architects of EDGI’s new A People’s EPA website, which compiles plans for and news of the Environmental Protection Agency’s transition. They will compare what we’ve seen from the Biden environmental transition with predecessors, and what these histories can tell us about the possibilities ahead.   
  • Timothy Whitehouse, director at the Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility, will talk about what his group’s work with whistleblowers reveals about the new administration’s prospects. He’ll look at pollution enforcement, chemicals management, and scientific integrity complaints and what these suggest about the way ahead.  
  • Peggy Shepard, co-founder and executive director of WE ACT for Environmental Justice, the iconic New York-based group, will also speak. Also recently appointed to the White House Advisory Committee for Environmental Justice, she will reflect on the administration’s on-going efforts to highlight environmental justice.  
  • Jacob Carter, a leading researcher with the Union for Concerned Scientists, will discuss administration moves so far to bolster the integrity of federal science, after myriad moves in the Trump administration to undermine it. He’ll assess progress made on UCS’s recommendations on this front, as well as further actions that may be needed.  

A discussion will follow, during which listeners’ questions will be welcome.

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We hope you’ll join us.