Join EDGI with the DataKind DataCorps

We are excited to announce that we will be working with DataKind and DataCorps volunteers in the coming months on “Filtering and Classification to Automate the Protection of Environmental Government Data” around our Website Monitoring project! Launched in 2011, DataKind has offices world-wide and looks to bring volunteers and together with organizations focused on social change to “leverage data science for the greater good.”

DataKind are looking for volunteer data scientists, coders, backend developers, and project managers to work on our project as well as others, if you are interested in becoming involved, consider filling out an application by July 28!

A copy of the project description is below:

Environmental Data Governance Initiative – Filtering and Classification to Automate the Protection of Environmental Government Data
United States federal environmental and energy policies, information, and data are facing threats of revision, reduction, and removal. Eliminating or weakening the infrastructure that houses the data and that publicizes the policies has a profound impact on the public’s “right to know,” the United States’s scientific leadership, and many measures of environmental protection.

The Environmental Data Governance Initiative (EDGI) is a network of academics and nonprofits building resources and capacity to proactively archive this vital data and ensure sustained public accessibility to federal energy and environmental information. EDGI has built a tremendous network of volunteers who analyze millions of websites for daily changes for significance and contribute to longitudinal data tracking and analysis.

While EDGI’s current processes have yielded impressive results, they are difficult to scale. EDGI is looking for sophisticated machine learning support to build a filtering system that could automate change tagging and classification, greatly increasing EDGI’s efficiency. As a second deliverable, EDGI is looking for a dashboard or simple reporting tool that would help them quickly identify and communicate key statistics to stakeholders.

Required Skills
Front-end (React) and back-end (Python) development, machine learning