EDGI Joins the Scientific Integrity Reporting Project

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We’ve seen how political interference has impacted science over the last few years and throughout the pandemic. Today, EDGI is excited to announce that we’re teaming up with the Government Accountability Project and the Climate Science Legal Defense Fund to document threats to science.

Member Chris Sellers’ statement on EDGI’s participation in the project:

Headlines over the last four years have highlighted the shocking vulnerability of federal scientists to a political leadership intent on distorting or suppressing the truths they bring. While the greatest threats now appear to have lifted, there may well be a next time. To prepare for that, we need to get to the bottom of what happened over the last administration and why, then to develop measures for protecting scientific integrity that are more up to the task. That is precisely what this new Scientific Integrity Reporting Project will do, and we at EDGI are excited to join with the Climate Legal Defense Fund, the Government Accountability Project, and other partners in launching it.

Read the full press release from all the project partners – including the Government Accountability Project, Climate Science Legal Defense Fund, American Geophysical Union, Jacobs Institute of Women’s Health, and Union of Concerned Scientists – here: