Primers Database

If you are organizing a #DataRescue event or other data archiving activity, check out our Agency Office Database below. In it, we outline the structure of at-risk departments and chart our archiving progress. You can see which offices have been seeded at particular events, which offices can still be claimed for events, and which offices still need archiving materials written.

In order to make our archiving efforts as thorough and systematic as possible, we use Agency Archiving Primers to identify key programs, datasets, and documents that are vulnerable to change and loss. The Main Agency Primers describe the range of risks to the listed agencies’ current programming in the coming administration, focusing on offices with programs relating to climate change, renewable energy, sustainability and the environment. Within agencies, we have identified at-risk offices and created Sub-Agency Primers to guide the seeding efforts.

  • Click on the agency name to expand the drop-down menu to view all offices in a particular department. This is also where you can see which offices already have primers and which still need materials written.
  • To view a primer for a particular office, use the linked Google document.

Claim an office here, and check out our how-to guide for writing more archiving materials. (Don’t see the department you’re looking for? Submit it here and get notified when it’s added to the database.) In the database, use the linked Google document to view the primer for a particular office.

When you’re finished, head back to Step 4 in the DataRescue Event Toolkit to finish planning your event.