DataRescue Event Toolkit

DataRescue events are organized by local coordinators and sponsored by EDGI and DataRefuge. Events bring together scientists, coders, librarians, and volunteers to identify and preserve at-risk datasets in collaboration with the Internet Archive. In the three months following the 2016 election, events worked to extensively seed the Internet Archive’s End of Term Harvest project.

Interested in Organizing an Event?

We’re moving to a new system to make it easier to see what other events are working on and to claim various offices for your event! Check back soon, and in the meantime, contact Maya (@maya) or Abby (@abionsky) on Slack if you run into any problems!

  1. There are lots of ways to contribute to the DataRescue effort. Use the DataRescue Event Path Overview to select the path(s) that make sense for your event and the skills of those who will attend. This document outlines the workflow for each.
  2. Let us know you’re planning an event! Get in touch with us on Slack and connect with DataRefuge.We’ll schedule a short training to make sure you’re on the right track to run your event. To find the Slack names for relevant contacts, check the Path Overview document!
  3. Check out our Agency Offices and Archiving Primers Database to see our archiving progress and to claim office(s) for your event (this will link you to a new page). 
  4. Get your logistics in check:
    • Find a venue
    • Advertise and manage registration (e.g., via EventBrite)
    • Provide lunch/snacks
    • Send us promotional information for your event so that we can post on our website/Twitter/Facebook!
  5. We’ll help you with:
  6. Check to make sure you’ve looked through all the Useful Files for Event Planning.

Templates for events, advertising, and printing:

No one group can do this by themselves, we welcome you to submit additional materials and updates to this toolkit. All materials are shared licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike (CC-BY-SA 4.0) license.