Website Monitoring Team

The Website Monitoring Team monitors, documents, and analyzes changes to federal websites. The team is composed of both Website Monitoring Analysts and Website Software Developers. View a full list of our reports and articles produced by the team here.

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Website Monitoring Analysts

Website Monitoring Analysts monitor federal websites, categorize website changes, write reports, and analyze findings. Our goals include identifying and contextualizing the ways in which federal agencies’ presentation of and provision of public access to environmental information has changed since January 2017. 

Marcy Beck
Gretchen Gehrke
Steven Gentry
Steve Hansen
Aaron Lemelin
Eric Nost
Alejandro Paz
Grace Poudrier
Andrew Smith
Jacob Wylie

Website Monitoring Software Development

The software development project’s team focuses on creating a system to enable analysts to quickly review monitored government websites in order to identify meaningful changes. The Website Monitoring automated system aims to make these changes easy to track, review, and report on. Our software development efforts are coordinated on EDGI’s GitHub in the website monitoring repository.

Dan Allan
Rob Brackett
Sarah Yu

and the rest of the development community.

Website Monitoring Alumni

Website Monitoring Analysts are primarily volunteers who give of their time to the best of their ability and availability. EDGI gratefully acknowledges the past contributions of those who have donated their time to our important work.

Cole Adler
Maya Anjur-Dietrich
Vangelis Banos
Chaitanya Bapat
Andrew Bergman
Madelaine Britt
Ed Byrne
Jesse Card
Ray Cha
Janak Chadha
Alize Clough
Morgan Currie
Justin Derry
Jesse DiValli
Jon Gobeil
Mike Hucka
Pamela Jao
Sara Johns
Abby Klionsky
Katherine Kulik
Rebecca Lave
Kevin Nguyen
Kendra Ouellette
Lindsay Poirier
Toly Rinberg
Sara Rubinow
Justin Schell
Lauren Scott
Jason Sherman
Miranda Sinnott-Armstrong
Chris Tirrell
Fotis Tsalampounis
Lizz Ultee
Julia Upfal
Tyler Wedrosky
Liz Williams
Adam Wizon
Sara Wylie