EDGI and the Right to Trust our Environmental Health

I grew up in unincorporated Snohomish County, Washington—an area I often characterized, at the time, as the kind of place where people have guns and horses. As a kid, the woods behind my house felt like an endless adventure: a massive Pacific Northwest wetlands, where beavers would build ever-changing dams you might cross on foot (if you didn’t fall in), where stickerbushes grabbed at your clothes, and dripping thick underbrush would open up into spacious cedar groves that, even to a child, felt sacred.

Code With EDGI! Environmental Enforcement Watch Does #Hacktoberfest2021

On Wednesday, October 27 at 1PM Eastern/4PM Pacific, the Environmental Data Governance Initiative’s Environmental Enforcement Watch (EEW) will hold an event as part of Hacktoberfest, a month-long series of events by and for the open source community. EEW’s event will include a brief demonstration of one of EEW’s open source Jupyter Notebook followed by time to explore and hack on the project.