Pursuing A Toxic Agenda

The Environmental Data and Governance Initiative (EDGI) continues its series of reports on the Trump administration’s impacts on environmental policy and data governance, this time focusing on Environmental Justice, the right for all communities to human and environmental health. Pursuing a Toxic Agenda: Environmental Injustice in the Early Trump Administration, extensively analyzes recent policy shifts, and highlights EDGI’s interview with Mustafa Ali, the former head of EPA’s Office of Environmental Justice.



Author(s): Britt S. Paris, Lindsey Dillon, Jennifer Pierre, Irene V. Pasquetto, Emily Marquez, Sara Wylie, Michelle Murphy, Phil Brown, Rebecca Lave, Chris Sellers, Becky Mansfield, Leif Fredrickson, Nicholas Shapiro, EDGI
Publication Date: September 19, 2017
Preferred Citation: Paris B. S., Dillon L., Pierre, J., Pasquetto I.R, Marquez, E., Wylie S., Murphy M., Brown P., Lave R., Chris Sellers, Mansfield, B., Fredrickson, L., Shapiro, N., EDGI. (2017, September 19). Pursuing A Toxic Agenda: Environmental Injustice in the Early Trump Administration. Retrieved from https://envirodatagov.org/publication/pursuing-toxic-agenda