EDGI currently has 58 members from over 21 different institutions and organizations. Find profiles of some key members and a member organizations below.


Key Members

Maya Anjur-Dietrich profile photoMaya Anjur-Dietrich is a PhD student in Applied Physics at Harvard University. In EDGI, she has worked on developing workflow and primer materials for archiving, training and organizing for DataRescue events, and on developing the website monitoring team, in addition to working in the Capacity, Policy, and Finance group. Her graduate work focuses on understanding the mechanisms of force generation during cell division, specifically forces acting on chromosomes by the mitotic spindle. She holds a BS in bioengineering from Stanford University.

Sarah Lamdan profile photoSarah Lamdan, Director of Legal Reseearch, is an associate professor and law librarian at CUNY School of Law. She graduated from the University of Kansas School of Law in 2005 with an Environmental Law Certificate and received a Masters Degree in Legal Information Management from Emporia State University’s School of Library and Information Management. She teaches legal research, lawyering skills, leads FOIA seminars, and has researched and advocated for environmental justice issues including pesticide safety in city schools, clean energy and waste disposal, and environmentally conscious urban planning in Kansas, Maryland and New York. Her book forthcoming book, ​Environmental Information: Research, Access & Environmental Decisionmaking​, is published by the Environmental Law Institute.

Brendan O’Brien profile photoBrendan O’Brien, Technology Development Coordinator, is a software developer and startup advisor with a focus on social entrepreneurship. He’s currently working on crowdsourced mass-archiving tools and services with EDGI. He founded Process Design, a digital design agency in Toronto, Ontario, before moving to New York. Brendan graduated with an Honours Bachelor of Arts in Visual culture with a minor in Philosophy from the University of Toronto.

Matt Price profile photoMatt Price, Technology Development Lead, is a historian of science and technology interested in the social impacts of technologies. His interest in digital technology emerged out of research (especially on early cybernetics, in the 1950s and 1960s) and partly from a practical engagement teaching technical skills to kids and people in social housing.

Toly Rinberg profile photoToly Rinberg is a second year PhD student in Applied Physics at Harvard University, researching programmable self-organization of colloidal systems. In EDGI, he works on developing the website tracking platform, synthesizing reports for NGOs, congressional offices and think-tanks as part of the Capacity, Policy, and Finance Working Group, and supporting the DataRescue events by developing organizational frameworks to connect website tracking and archiving efforts.

Dawn Walker profile photoDawn Walker, Technology Development Coordinator, is a PhD student at the Faculty of Information, University of Toronto. Her research focuses on citizen participation in technology design practices, in particular for environmental advocacy. Sitting at the intersection of the technology design, information practices, and civic engagement, her research bridges socio-technical design approaches with critical social science inquiry. She is a member of the EDGI Data Archiving working group developing approaches to preserve and track changes to federal environmental data.


Member Organizations