DataRescue events were organized by local communities with support from EDGI and DataRefuge. From Fall 2016 through Spring 2017 they brought together scientists, coders, librarians, and volunteers to identify and preserve at-risk datasets in collaboration with the Internet Archive. In the three months following the 2016 election, events worked to extensively seed the Internet Archive’s End of Term Harvest project.

DataRescue Event Toolkit

While the toolkit is no longer being updated, we will continue to make the materials available. All are shared licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike (CC-BY-SA 4.0) license.

Guerrilla Archiving Toronto

Toronto, Ontario


Est Attendees: 150


Call to Action: Care about Trump, data, or the environment?
Join us for a full day of hackathon activities in preparation for the Trump presidency.
Date: 10am-4pm, December 17, 2016
Location: Bissell Building, 4th Floor, 140 St. George St. University of Toronto
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